St. Maarten Condo

St. Maarten has captured the interested of people far and wide because of the many wonderful attributes of the island; some of which include a multi-cultural background, economic soundness, cosmopolitan society, social and political stability and investor friendliness.

St. Maarten is one of the few islands of the Caribbean where at least three languages are spoken, particularly French and Dutch, as well as English which is a third language and very much operates like a lingua franca. The Spanish population on St. Maarten has added to the island’s cultural background and richness, hence providing for a series of entertainment involving Latino dancers and cuisine, amongst the already existing French, Creole, Dutch and English influences that are evident on St. Maarten.

Basilico lounge provides conformable seating, modern décor and a charming yet convivial atmosphere. Basilico is described as the best restaurant in St. Maarten for its great location, delightful Italian menu options which include NY Strip Loin, Pesce Spada, Linguini Carbonara, Penne Arrabbiata and tasty desserts like Tiramisu, to name a few.

St. Maarten is one of the most accessible islands in the Caribbean, since it is serviced by several major airlines that fly in from quite a number of European, North American and Latin American countries, to include as well, the ‘island hopper’ LIAT, which provides daily regular scheduled flights to and from the other islands in the Caribbean region. St. Maarten is home to the Princess Juliana International Airport, an airport that holds much historical significance for St. Maarten because of the critical role that its presence on St. Maarten was intended to achieve, in terms of re-stimulating the St. Maarten’s economy after the fall of salt production.

Economically, St. Maarten can be described as an economically sound island, based on the vibrant tourism industry that the island continues to have. Tourist arrivals on St. Maarten record among the highest figures in the region, indicating that the island is a top destination. Tourists from multiple nationalities stop over on day cruises at any of St. Maarten’s docks and shop in surrounding souvenir shops and boutiques, where local craft and artesian items can be obtained. Since the United States dollars is a common medium of exchange, in addition to the Euro and Dutch guilder, prices are also quoted in USD to accommodate tourists and facilitate sales.

St. Maarten real estate sector is one of the most prosperous in the Caribbean region because of the large numbers of investors that visit the island for real estate projects and residential areas. Moreover, as a Department of the Netherland Antilles, St. Maarten has become the second home to many Dutch citizens as well as other European and Caribbean nationals. This widens the local market and increases cash flow, as revenue is spent by locals, foreign nationals who visit the island and Dutch residents who own vacation or holiday homes in St. Maarten. St. Maarten vacation homes, such as villas and condos are owned by a number of overseas residents who invest in the island by building their Caribbean homes in St. Maarten despite not residing there. Within the real estate sector in St. Maarten, employment is created for various professionals, including lawyers, architects, engineers, business consultants, finance professionals, asset and estate managers, carpenters, interior designers, cleaners and care takers. The absence of port duties makes it easy to import and export items from different parts of the world, ensuring that the local market and stores are fully stocked with a wide variety of food, household items, appliances and clothing. Furnishings for St. Maarten villas, condos and vacation homes are not hard to find, since stores are properly stocked. The level of development that the St. Maarten real estate sector has had over the years makes St. Maarten one of the wealthiest islands in the Caribbean. Vital Hub UAE makes ownership and project development possible on this lovely island.

Occupying a total surface area of approximately of 37 square miles, St. Maarten has about 37 beaches to which locals and visitors alike can go to spend time at sea, on the sun stricken powdery sands of the island. St. Maarten beaches have made their name globally because of the wide range of and unique features that each beach on St. Maarten offers. Some beaches are known for the limestone cliffs that line the coast, mysterious boulders that are spread on specific parts, or their active nature because of the number of visitors that is received on a normal basis. Other beaches in St. Maarten are secluded and are ideal for private picnics and baths, while others are streamed with resorts, restaurants and villas which vivify the overall ambience of such St. Maarten beaches. Meanwhile, other St. Maarten beaches are popular for the airplanes that fly just over head en route to landing at the Princess Juliana International Hotel. Air blown from massive airplanes is a reason for excitement due to the waves generated, providing brief moments for surfing and wave diving. Restaurants and bars, such as Sunset Beach Bar, that are located in these beach areas receive large crowds on a regular basis.

St. Maarten nightlife is vibrant and is one of the most exciting aspects of St. Maarten. There are at least nine casinos that provide numerous gaming and entertainment activities. Some casinos, like the Atlantis World Casino, for example, operate on a twenty four hour basis, while others would be open from about 10pm to about 4am. A variety of poker, slots and board games are available, including modern, up to date games, live entertainment from local, regional and international artists, dancers and singers. St. Maarten casinos offer fine dining and a wide variety of drinks are available. VIP sections offer a free drinks and special packages to regular customers. Nightlife in St. Maarten is further enhanced by the island’s restaurants and bars. Amidst the diverse menus of creole cuisine available, fine cuisine from Italian, Mexican, French, Dutch, fast food, Chinese and international restaurants stimulate the taste buds of visitors and locals of St. Maarten.