St. Maarten Condo Rentals

The owners of St. Maarten condo rentals have sure mastered the art of leasing and renting property to ensure not only that tenants are happy but to ensure that the business remains sustainable.

Whether opting for a condo/villa, condo/hotel, condo/apartment, condo/beach club, or just a simple condo arrangement, there is surely a wide range of St. Maarten condo rental options and combinations to choose from. From St. Maarten condo rentals on the beach, on a hill overlooking the ocean or a beautifully landscaped golf course, or a surrounding community, visitors and investors have a lot to desire, a lot to wish for and quite a lot of options to choose from.

Based on the fact that the St. Maarten condo rentals business is so competitive, a wide range of prices can be obtained, and visitors are able to take advantage of very low summer rates or if traveling based on the most convenient time of year, will encounter a range of St. Maarten condo rental rates that are influenced on the time of year that the visitor is traveling, such as during the peak or moderate season.

Style, design, architecture and cost of a St. Maarten condo rental chosen are based on the occupant’s taste, pocket and intentions. Hence, a local resident may opt for a St. Maarten condo rental that can be rented on a month to month basis, whereas s visitor who is staying on island for one to three weeks may opt for a St. Maarten condo rental that is near the beach or center of entertainment and business, whilst someone who is strictly on business may want a St. Maarten condo that is a bit private, but not too far away from the area where such business is being done. Transportation is readily available in St. Maarten, and whether a privately rented car, a taxi or public transport is used, getting to and from any St. Maarten condo rental should not be difficult. A low budget occupant may search for a modest St. Maarten condo rental that is within walking distance or regularly served by public transport to get to main business areas. A long-term lease agreement can also be signed for a St. Maarten condo rental by someone who is not a local resident but intends to be come to the island regular either on business or leisure, as the case may be, knowing that a place to stay is readily available and secured. An option that the St. Maarten condo rental market has made available is the possibility of purchasing a St. Maarten condo as a local or overseas resident and renting it out to individuals for short to medium term bases. In this way, St. Maarten condo rental business can provide a steady source of income and help reduce overheads since the condo can be maintained through the income that is generated.

Amenities at St. Maarten condo rentals vary and may include a pool, interior Jacuzzi, bath, bed, kitchen or kitchenette, indoor and outdoor furniture, cable TV, CD and DVD players, internet connection, patio or balcony, laundry room, dining and living room and car park.