St. Maarten Condo Sales

The sale of condos in St. Maarten is a very competitive market both because of the number of condos and real estate agents there are, as well as the high standards that the majority of St. Maarten condo sales agents and proprietors set.

St. Maarten condo sales have proven to be a lucrative business for local and foreign investors who come to St. Maarten to get involved in real estate by building hotels, resorts, villas and purchasing land for resale or development. Although St. Maarten condo rental business is equally viable, many investors tend to buy condos for sale in St. Maarten so as to avoid the hassle of going through the entire process of constructing condos in St. Maarten. It proves worthwhile to own a St. Maarten condo and then have the condo rented out on short to medium term for visitors even if rising in another country or on the French part of the island.

There are several real estate agents that are engaged in St. Maarten condo sales. Many of these agents manage websites and provide adequate information about St. Maarten condos for sale. Agents generally manage their St. Maarten condo sales by taking pictures of the properties, lay them out on their respective websites and would have all the necessary legal and financial contacts for facilitating St. Maarten condo sales. Some St. Maarten real estate agents may have payment systems in place to facilitate St. Maarten condo sales, whereas with others, potential buyers are required to independently source their own financing.

Persons and corporations engaged in the St. Maarten condo sales market include architects, interior designers, notary publics (lawyers), accountants, brokers (St. Maarten sales intermediaries) and moving companies. The networking achieved in St. Maarten condo sales is absolutely relevant, since buyers may want to make changes to the condo, while legal documents need to be prepared and funding secured when purchase a St. Maarten condo on sale.

St. Maarten condo sales prices vary and may range anywhere from $150,000 or less to $500,000 or more depending on the size, luxury and location of the St. Maarten condo sale. St. Maarten condo sale prices are quoted in US dollars, Euro and Dutch guilders to facilitate buyers.

It is common for certain individuals or companies to be dedicated only to St. Maarten condo sales as their profession, since a chain of St. Maarten condos or different condos on sale are being sold by the same individuals or companies. Many of these individuals or St. Maarten condo sales companies operate a lot on referrals, especially with foreign residents who, if visiting the island for the first time or new at making an offshore investment like this may turn to a friend or authority for information and recommendations. websites, however, help facilitate the St. Maarten condo sales and provide all relevant contact information. Photos of different condos, amenities and rooms are emailed to the customer, so that a decision can be made. Some of the areas where St. Maarten condos sales are frequent include Oyster Pond, Pointe Blanche, Guana Bay, Beacon Hills and Cupecoy Beach.