St. Maarten Real Estate

St. Maarten real estate offers some of the best real estate options available in the Caribbean, as investors and developers continue to pour millions of dollars into providing people, both at the corporate and personal level, with the possibility of comfortable, exciting and memorable vacations and homes.

St. Maarten/St. Martin real estate opportunities are not concentrated in one section or secluded portions of St. Maarten, but can be found all over, thus giving rise to myriads of options and alternatives in favor of the tastes and preferences of different tourist, family and corporate profiles. As such, St. Maarten real estate possibilities exist in the center of the town, in the suburbs, on the beach front or secluded, looking onto nearby islands.

Real estate in St. Maarten is facilitated by the island’s multinational labor force, which has proved beneficial to the tourism sector, as tourists of all nationalities can be catered to. The ownership of the French and Dutch of the island, which has been shared on friendly terms for over 350 years, makes the decision of a St. Maarten real estate investment not too much of a difficult one simply because of the existence of European standards and styles with which investors from Europe are comfortable and familiar with, and are quicker able to confide in. St. maarten real estate transactions can be done in French, Dutch or English which are the three main languages spoken on the island. This facilitates being able to express interest, make specifications and carry on legal procedures whenever acquiring, selling or renting St. Maarten real estate. The absence of language barriers strengthens investment by easing communication, whilst the wide spread use of the US dollar, Euro and Netherlands Antilles Guilder enable seamless transacting.

St. Maarten real estate investment and purchasing options are endless, ranging from simple family units or houses, to elegantly casual to luxury villas, condominiums, restaurants, hotels and resorts. In addition to residential or vacation real estate, St. Maarten real estate in commercial property opens doors for accessing Caribbean markets and expanding business from one’s regular domicile. Not only would the cosmopolitan society facilitate a smooth transition from Europe to the Caribbean, but investor friendly laws and easy, duty free access via advanced international airport and port facilities with nonstop daily services to and from St. Maarten, all but assist in ensuring a hassle free transition. These are some of the fundamental factors and infrastructure that have impacted on the level of success experienced in St. Maarten real estate, in addition to, of course, flawless weather. Some common St. Maarten real estate locations include Cupecoy, Madame Estate, Cay Hill, Cole Bay, Orient Bay, Agrément, Terres Basses, Concordia, Nettle Bay, Belair and Beacon Hill.

Not forgetting entertainment, St. Maarten real estate is quite sophisticated and also caters to persons who are interested in casinos, sports and recreational grounds which can be tailored to suit specific social profiles or integrated into a hotel or resort. Prime land is still readily available, hence making much more to be desired. The options in St. Maarten real estate are truly endless.