St. Martin Condos

The adage, “Variety is the spice of life” is befitting in describing the condo market in St. Martin”. St. Martin condos cater to a variety of tastes to suit individual, family and corporate profiles, making a St. Martin condo available for everyone and every lifestyle.

Prices for condos in St. Martin differ and are influenced seasonally, by amenities, the year built, views and location. Prices for St. Martin condos may also charged on a weekly, nightly or monthly rate basis depending on the type of customer that the owners of the St. Martin condo are targeting. For long-term rent or lease, prices may work out to be more reasonable, whereas short-term arrangements may be more costly.

During low season (time of fewest stayovers and visitors), St. Martin condo rates are at their lowest and generally tend to increase during high season (period of high tourist arrival and stay over). Christmas or winter is regarded peak season, and would be the time when St. Martin condo prices increase the most. St. Martin condos that are located in gated communities, for example, where 24 hour security guard service is available and amenities include Jacuzzi, pool, closely located golf courses, gyms, or on site tennis courts and day care services, and panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea generally tend to cost more than simple one or two bedroom St. Martin condos or suites with very basic furniture items. However, St. Martin condo studios designed for affordable accommodation may also come with these amenities so as to ensure that comfort and quality are not compromised because of affordability.

Given the international nature of St. Martin condo real estate clientele, focus has been placed on being able to customize on different types of individuals, so as to be able to cater to a variety of preferences and in so doing offer a wide range of St. Martin condo options. Competition is also a determining factor in the designs, packages and amenities or the level of diversity that condos in St. Martin have.

Condos in St. Martin thus range from high-end to simple yet classy to luxurious or corporate layouts. Spacious dining or living rooms for example would be perfectly suitable for persons who enjoy entertaining, whilst a St. Martin condo with pool facilities and tennis court would facilitate sports and outdoor activity. Choosing a St. Martin condo on the beach is totally dependent on whether an individual, couple or family wishes to have unlimited access to the beach, especially if seeking to spend time snorkeling, yachting, fishing or kayaking. A St. Martin condo on the beach would feature deck or balcony, as well as a certain degree of privacy depending on location. Naturists also get their fair share of paradise from St. Martin condos that are located near to a nude beach and nude resorts, particularly on the northeastern side of St. Martin where resorts and getaways cater for nudists exclusively.

St. Martin condos, villas and resorts make the island a true paradise for luxurious and comfortable living.